Fantastic Preschool

She made great friends...

"MCA is a fantastic preschool ..."

“MCA is a fantastic preschool and a second home and family for my little one. Teachers are warmly welcoming kids on the morning and Zelie wants only one thing, spending more time at school! She made great friends and learned a lot, I would highly recommend it!”

Feel free to give my contact to some interested parents!

Thank you very much for all you do!



MCA parent for 4 years

Closeness with the teachers...

"The school offers challenging academics.."

I have been an MCA parent for 4 years and my third child will be attending.  My children are happy there and constantly surprising me with stories about the great things they learn, the friendships they make, their closeness with the teachers and the fun they have.  The school offers challenging academics with options for piano and dance classes all within a warm and nurturing environment.  It’s a parent friendly place as well.  The kindergarten teacher for my oldest commented that he had a great foundation at his preschool that served him well as he started elementary school with her.  

The MCA summer camp is terrific also!



We visited many Preschools

None seemed to "click" for us...

"We fell in love with MCA ..."

When Vivek joined MCA, we left behind in Boston the small independant preschool that our daughter had gone to for three years, and that our son had spent one year at.  We were really not sure that we would find something that mirrored our experience there and we grew more apprehensive with every school we looked at. 

We visited many, many preschools in the area and none of them seemed to "click" for us.  Either they were too big and did not have the warmth we were looking for, or they seemed too much like daycare centers rather than preschools.  We fell in love with MCA, and were really happy that you guys could accomodate our son. He has enjoyed his time here, and has really come so far both academically and socially this year.  Looking forward to next year.


Academic Learning, Creative Activities

Prepared for Kindergarten...

"I'm a big fan of the school ..."

I'm a mother of three children, who all attended McLean Children's Academy for their preschool years, and I'm a big fan of the school. Although the "little blue house on Elm Street" might seem small to an adult initially walking through it, the preschool is very creative with its space and has the children making use of every center on a daily basis. While the playground and all of its equipment have been a favorite of all three of my children, it's the balance of creative activities, academic learning and language awareness that have been my favorites. My youngest daughter "graduates" this spring and just like her brothers, I anticipate she will be completely prepared for her upcoming kindergarden year.

Sincerely, Fiona's mom


Prepared for Kindergarten

Her home away from home ...

"Teachers with a lot of compassion.."

My older daughter came to MCA as a 3 year old. This was her first school experience. i always felt that the teachers at MCA treated her so kindly and with a lot of compassion. This truly was her home away from home. She is now 9 years old, and loves coming back to see her old school and teachers.

When it was time for my younger daughter to start school, we considered sending her elsewhere because we thought she would be ready at age 2 1/2 to attend school. In the end, after looking at lots of other places, my husband said, let's just wait until she's 3 and send her to MCA. I agreed. ... She will be at MCA one more year until she starts kindergarten, and i am torn becasue i know she will miss MCA. But, i do think she will be prepared for all of kindergarten's challenges after being at MCA.



Our experience at MCA

Intimate enviroment ...

"A fun setting to meet new friends ..."

Our experience at MCA has provided all that we could have hoped for our kids and more. The intimate environment at MCA gave them the opportunity to develop emotionally, a fun setting to meet new friends and foster relationships and an academic program that got them ready to be ahead of the game when the time came for kindergarten.