Children's Academy

"Active Minds, Busy Hands & Smiling Faces"

PRESCHOOL & CHILDCARE in McLean & Clifton / Centreville - Northern Virginia

The Children's Academy program provides experiences in music, drama, creative movement, carpentry, cooking, water and sand play, sensory development, math, science, language and reading readiness, phonics and large & small muscle development. While providing all of these enriching experiences, we never forget that a positive self concept is what will help prepare your child for a successful and happy future. Known as the best Early Childhood Education preschools in the area, teachers have advanced degrees & offer quality education.

McLean - 703-734-2353 Clifton - 703-968-8455


-... Our schools are scheduling tours now for Fall 2018 enrollment, please email

-... McLean Children's Academy Open House February 23th - 10:15 - 12:00. and also -... Clifton Children's Academy Open House February 22th - 9:45 - 11:45

Please email us for more info & to set up a personal tour.- We will have SUMMER information available March 1st. - send an email or call to inquire.

SUMMER CAMP 2018 -(See the "Services" tab above. New information available in March. Call for more details.)

McLean Children's Academy - MCA
Clifton Children's Academy - CCA

We look forward to seeing you soon.


6900 Elm St - McLean - VA - 22101
14315 Compton Rd - Centreville - VA -20121


Preschool Education and Childcare

  • Morning Preschool 8:35 - 11:45
  • Extended Day Preschool 8:35 - 3:00
  • Fullday Preschool 8:00 - 5:00 !! NEW - 5:30 OPTION !!
  • School Age After Care
  • Schedule can be 2, 3, 4 or 5 days per week
  • May add Lunch to AM Preschool
  • Degreed Teachers - Ratio of better than 8 to 1










Daily Schedule

Each day is composed of both structured learning in age appropriate grouping and mini-sessions. The day begins with circle, at which time the children are grouped according to age. After circle, each teacher opens a mini-session. With the instruction and direction of their teachers, the children move from one session to another, participating in all activities with increased enthusiasm. The mini-sessions encourage children to work on tasks of interest and give them the opportunity to complete their tasks.

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Registration Information


Are you interested in having your child join one of our schools?

While we know that the placement of your child in Preschool is one of your most important decisions, we hope to make the process easier for you. We're happy to answer all your questions to help you find the best program for your child.

  • Call us - we can answer your questions easily that way.
  • Send us an email.
  • Fill out an Application Form
  • Come in for a personal tour or to an Open House
  • Select the program of your choice.
  • We register in Winter & Spring for the next September.
  • If you are looking for immediate placement, please contact us for possible availability.
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CCA Playground pictured here:
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Testimonial for McLean "MCA"

McLean Children's Academy was founded in 1981, and we have graduated hundreds of happy children. Central in McLean, we are close to the Library & Community Center. Our school is small and very personal and yet our teachers are some of the most well qualified in the area. You will be pleasantly surprised when you come to visit. We have Open House dates in November & January, or you can call for a tour.

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"A fun setting to meet new friends - Charlie

Our experience at MCA has provided all that we could have hoped for our kids and more. The intimate environment at MCA gave them the opportunity to develop emotionally, a fun setting to meet new friends and foster relationships and an academic program that got them ready to be ahead of the game when the time came for kindergarten.

image 2
I'm a big fan of the school

- Erika

I'm a mother of three children, who all attended McLean Children's Academy for their preschool years, and I'm a big fan of the school. Although the "little blue house on Elm Street" might seem small to an adult initially walking through it, the preschool is very creative with its space and has the children making use of every center on a daily basis. While the playground and all of its equipment have been a favorite of all three of my children, it's the balance of creative activities, academic learning and language awareness that have been my favorites. My youngest daughter "graduates" this spring and just like her brothers, I anticipate she will be completely prepared for her upcoming kindergarden year.

image 3

"We are happy you had space for our son." - Bindu

We visited many, many preschools in the area and none of them seemed to "click" for us.  Either they were too big and did not have the warmth we were looking for, or they seemed too much like daycare centers rather than preschools. We fell in love with MCA, and were happy that you could accomodate our son. 

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Testamonial for Clifton "CCA"

Clifton Children's Academy was founded in 1997. We provide the Clifton / Centreville community with a quality preschool program and also the opportunity for an after school or extended care Enrichment Program. Degreed teachers, a small teacher to child ratio, and personal attention to each child's needs is our hallmark. Open House dates are in November & January, or you can call for a tour.

image 1

"Extremely warm & nuturing environment" - Mike CCA Dad My daughter spent two years at CCA & had the best experience, not only did she learn so much in preparation for Kindergarten, but has made some really nice friends who she continues to spend time with. The teachers are fabulous, they really take time with your child, helping them to learn & grow. This isn't only preschool, but an extremely warm, nurturing environment.

image 2
"They recognized his abilities" - Ethan's Mom.. My son spent 3 years at CCA. During his time there, he grew so much emotionally and academically. His Pre-K teacher recognized his abilities and love of learning, working with him based on his capabilities. He graduated from CCA both reading & writing at 4 years old. When he started Kindergarten he was well prepared, had mastered skills needed and continued his academic growth at a comfortable pace.
image 3
"There is simploy not a better preschool around."- CCA Mom

We are very pleased to be back at CCA with our second child after having a wonderful experience with our daughter. It speaks volumes that most of the current teachers have been at CCA for years & that many families come back with younger siblings. We had done a thorough research before choosing this preschool for our kids. The setting is beautiful, program excellent and the teachers are dedicated, fun, and just wonderful with the kids.

image 4
Katie - CCA Mom The teachers, who are also Moms, make sure that these precious moments are not forgotten. They have many different events throughout the year...Muffins with Mom, the Halloween Parade, Football breakfast with Dad, Valentine's Day party, etc. etc. There is a touching Yearbook, "keepsake" artwork and lots of photos of my child & friends. When I think of my dream preschool experience for my children, it's CCA.
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Here are a few other cute photos:home Previous

We love taking pictures. Every year we do a School Yearbook with up to 1000 photos of all the creative and fun activities that the children do. We will be adding to this page .....

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Art, Science, STEM, Reading, Math, Creative Play, Learing is Fun!

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